Cunningham Pastured Meats

The Cunningham family has been ranching in the high desert of Eastern Oregon for over 100 years and the legacy continues on with the fifth generation on the ranch. Sean Cunningham is fourth generation and works along side his father and brothers. Sean and Liz Cunningham started raising and selling all natural grass-fed beef in 2012 and have expanded to include grass-fed lamb and pastured pork. Currently Cunningham Pastured Meats sells directly to consumers with large bulk order, keeping prices low and freezers full.


Connecting people to real food and regenerative agriculture through faithful stewardship.

We look forward to serving you and getting to know your family and your needs. Our goal is to educate people about real food, so never be afraid to ask a question.

A Love Story

Sean and Liz come from two very different backgrounds, so if you would like to know how these two unlikely people got married then take a moment to read their story: This Western Love

Cross S Ranch

Cross S Ranch is the ranching business that Sean and Liz Cunningham own that raises the animals that are harvested. We also raise breeding stock for cattle, sheep and border collies.


The Cunningham Family

Cross S

The “Cross S” Brand