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Reuse It: Building a Root Cellar Out Of an Old Refrigerator or Freezer

Another “reuse it” episode. If you thought making a smoker out of an old freezer was neat, wait until you see this next little project. Building a root cellar out of an old refrigerator or freezer. First off, what would

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Celebrating Good Fats! Lets Make Lard!

It’s about time the fat myth got busted. Wall Street Journal Article Time Magazine Article Now since all these fabulous sources say it’s true, now we can believe modern medicine… Right? Well, animal fats have never been bad for you,

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Reuse it: Old refrigerator or freezer turns into a smoker

Update: This has been the most popular post I have written, so I have gone back and updated a few things and added links to get products you need to make this project possible. Refrigerators can be a pain when

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