Bull Calves for sale: 12-18 months old, ready to breed this summer. $2500/head or special discount for multiple bull purchases. See pictures and descriptions below.

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Our cattle are born and bred to thrive in our desert environment.


  • We run our cows on the high desert rangeland for 9 months of the year and it is not easy country. Our cows are a red-hided composite breed that is predominately Red Angus with Devon, Tarentaise, Herford, and Saler blood as well. Our cows (including first-calf heifers) calve out on the range and those who do not come home with a calf are sold, no questions asked.


  • Our bulls are ranch-raised from our herd. They all have great calving ease and temperament. We raise them on grass and hay, no grain or fancy diets here! These bulls are tough and masculine and fit for the high desert rangeland, their daughters are the ones you want for replacements. When summer comes, they are ready to breed!


  • The calves are born in the spring and get a good start on grass and momma’s milk. They are typically weaned between 6-8 months of age. They are never given any hormones, grains or antibiotics. If you are interested in a yearling calf to put on your pasture in the spring, these calves should be ready for butcher in the fall. Also, heifer calves are a great way to start a new herd!

Call or email if you are interested in cows, bulls or calves:

Call: 208-649-4403


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Range-ready cows
Calving Ease Bulls
Nice grass-fed calves