Cross S Ranch Animals

Besides selling meat to customers we sell several different animals. We take pride in raising cattle, sheep, and dogs. Click on an animal below to learn more.

DSC_2251Our cattle are a Red Angus composite. They are bred to be tough, handle the elements, and raise nice calves! Click the picture to learn about:



We raise grass-fed milk cows for those who want gentle milk cows that have not been raised on grain. It’s extremely difficult to find milk cows who have not been fed grain. Click the picture to learn about:


DSC_1060Our sheep are predominately St. Croix, Dorper and a mix of the two. These hair sheep are easy keepers and great for those who want to be “hands off” with their sheep yet be impressed with their lambs every season. Click the picture to learn about:



DSC_2957On the ranch we use Border Collies daily for moving cattle. These Border Collies are ranch raised and know cattle, they have a hard bite and go all day without giving up. Click the picture to learn about: