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God’s Unexpected Blessings

February 21, 2011

Sean’s family has always been very good friends with the bishop of our diocese (the Baker diocese). Retired Bishop Connolly has a passion for horses and has always owned a couple of horses for pleasure riding, but as he ages it becomes more difficult to take care of the horses and to ride them. As a gift to us the bishop decided to give the horses to our family to take care of them for the rest of their lives. Sean’s family was more than eager to help Bishop Connolly and were making plans to drive to Bend, OR to pick them up.

A couple weeks before Sean’s parents were about to make the trip to go pick up the horses they got a call from Bishop Connolly. He spent a good amount of time talking about the horses, but then got to what he really was calling about. Bishop Connolly then went on to tell Sean’s father that he had a pick up and a horse trailer that he wouldn’t need anymore. “You guys can have the horses, but for the newly-weds, they can have my pickup and horse trailer.” This obviously was completely shocking news to Sean and I. We couldn’t believe that Bishop Connolly was giving us the pickup and horse trailer.

God really answered our prayers… Several weeks before Sean and I were talking about buying a pickup for when we had to run to town so we wouldn’t have to always borrow a pickup. However, we didn’t think that at that particular moment we needed a pickup that bad, so we just said we’ll pray about it, and when the time is right we’ll look into one.¬†We didn’t expect it to be answered that fast!

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    God is good little lady!!! Im so happy for the both of you guys. Stay close to God you two!!! we love you both
    Jenn and Chris

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