Milk Cows

 We love fresh milk. I cannot imagine not having a milk cow to get fresh milk from daily. Here’s what makes our milk cows so good:

  • Over the last several years we have been working on our milk cow genetics trying to breed a Jersey milk cow that is good on grass. Milk cows have been raised on grain for so many years that it’s difficult to find a cow that will produce good milk and cream on grass alone.
  • Our milk cows have never been fed grain and are fairly even-tempered cows. There is never a perfect milk cow, you will get a tail in the face or they will step in your bucket every now and then. However, the majority of the time they are nice cows.
  • If you are interested in one of our milk cows or a heifer calf please give us a call or email:

Call: 208-649-4403


Note: We do NOT sell milk!

Jersey milk cow
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Grass raised cows