When we first returned to the ranch we decided we wanted to run some sheep and we bought 3 registered St. Croix hair sheep. Since then we have significantly expanded our herd and are still amazed at how easy and prolific these sheep are. Here is the reasons why we like hair sheep:

  • No wool. They are easy keepers. They don’t  need to be sheared because they grow a thick coat of wool in the winter and shed it all the spring. Do you know how difficult it is to find a sheep shearer these days, especially for a small flock? Hair all the way.
  • Parasite resistant. With our flock of hair sheep we have NEVER wormed our sheep.
  • Prolific is an understatement. I have never exposed one of these ewes to a ram that has not gotten bred. After their first lambing season they almost always have twins or triplets.
  • Great mothers. Very rarely do I get a bummer lamb from these sheep. The mothers are extremely good at taking care of their lambs, even twins and triplets.
  • Lambing easy. Did I mention I never pull lambs? I never even watch them lamb. Some people like to do it for fun, but I find the longer you watch the more tempted you are to pull the lamb. Go ahead let them lamb in the pasture, they will have live babies when you get back.
  • No hoof problems. These sheep almost never need their feet trimmed. Their toes will grow long sometimes but most of the time they break off on their own.

We have introduced Dorper into our St. Croix herd in hopes to add a little more meat on our St. Croix but we are still experimenting trying to make the “perfect sheep”. Every year we have lots of ewe lambs and rams for sale. If you are interested in buying some sheep please email or call us directly:

Phone: 208-649-4403



Prolific sheep
Shedding their hair in the spring
St. Croix Ram
St. Croix Ram