A baby on the way!

Well, there’s  a reason why I haven’t written anything for quite some time… Sean and I just found out in the last couple weeks that we are pregnant and expecting our baby in late December! None the less, I have been getting used to being pregnant and all the lovely changes that are associated with that!

We are excited to be having our first baby! I never expected to be raising my kids on a ranch several years ago, so I’m starting to look around and see all the things that I will probably be encountering as a nervous first time mother. For instance, we have a wood stove that heats our house, I can already imagine my little toddler walking around and learning their first lesson about “hot surfaces”. I’ve always heard that you worry a ton about the first kid and slowly the more kids you have the less you worry about the small things, but we’ll see, since we have horses, barbed wire and other things that I still get myself hurt on.

Besides the small bouts of worry I couldn’t be happier to be starting our little family. With that, I hope to update you all with some new stories as I struggle to get the energy just to get up and out of PJ’s in the morning. 🙂