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Red Angus Cattle | Dorper Hair Sheep | Border Collies | Jack Russells

Are you tired of worming, doctoring, feeding grain and all the costs of high inputs with little return?

Then we have the stock for you. 

Low maintenance is our goal with our stock

Red Angus Cows, heifers, Bulls & Stockers

We raise our cattle on the high desert of Eastern Oregon. Our cows spend 9 months of the year out on the range and come home with a calf in the fall or are sent to town. We sell top quality bulls as well.

Dorper Hair Sheep

Dorper hair sheep are a wonderful addition to any operation. They are well tempered, raise multiple lambs and are very easy to maintain. No sheering, hoof trimming or worming!

Working Border Collies

We use Border Collies for all our cattle work on the ranch. They are amazing, smart dogs with lots of instinct. They are also very popular family dogs for those with active lifestyles.

Family Friendly

Jack Russells

Looking for a Jack Russell puppy that will be good with kids? Look no further!

We have all different colored Jack Russells and both smooth and broken coat Jacks.

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