Red Angus Cattle

Low Maintenance Cattle

Raised Tough

Our cows are on the high desert for 9 months of the year. They are required to raise a calf in tough conditions and rebreed for the next year. These are not babied pastured cattle

Medium Framed

Wean more total pounds instead for your whole herd! Our cows are medium framed between 1000-1200 lbs. They eat less and grow beefy calves

Calving Ease

Our cows (including first-calf heifers) calve out on the range and those who do not come home with a calf are sold, no questions asked.

Raised On Grass

All our cattle are raised on grass. Cows, bull, heifers and stockers. No grain here.

No Worming Here

We stopped worming our cattle 5 years ago. This has allowed us to sort off poor doing cattle over time and no longer requires worming

Hybrid Vigor

Our cows are a red-hided composite breed that is predominately Red Angus with Devon, Tarentaise, Herford, and Saler blood as well.

For Sale

2 year old bulls for sale! Contact us for more information.




Replacement Heifers


Stocker Calves


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