Dorper Hair Sheep

Low Maintenance Sheep

No Sheering

The #1 reason to have these sheep. No sheering required. They grow a thick coat of hair during the winter and shed it all in the spring!

Medium Framed

These sheep are a very nice size. The lambs put on weight quickly and the ewes and rams are moderate size 150-250 lbs. Great size for easy working

Lambing Ease

These sheep almost never need help lambing. They typically have multiple babies and take care of all of them. They are amazing mothers!

Raised On Grass

No need to grain these sheep. They do very well on grass, weeds and brushy pastures. Eat a wide variety of forbs

Parasite Resistant

This breed is naturally parasite resistant and in the 8 years we've been raising them we have NEVER wormed our sheep

Hybrid Vigor

These sheep are predominately Dorper but have some St. Croix and Katahdin in their blood, which gives them nice diversity

For Sale

Rams for sale for fall breeding


None currently for sale



Several for sale See info below

Rams For Sale

  • We have a nice selection of rams for sale.
  • We have 2 mature rams and 7 ram lambs to choose from.
  • The 2 mature rams were what we used to breed our flock this year and the ram lambs are their sons.
  • All solid white rams.

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