Donkey Basketball, It is Real!

This week I experienced my first donkey basketball game. When my husband told me that donkey basketball was coming to town, I thought he was joking. I had seen an episode of the Simpsons where donkey basketball was apart of the episode, but I never thought that it was actually something that people did.

There are several people across the country that make it their job to train donkeys so that people can ride them and use them during a basketball game. The rules of donkey basketball are very simple:

1. Each team has four people on donkeys and one person in the middle of the court. 

2. The two people in the middle (not on donkeys) are not allowed to leave the circle in the middle of the court except for when a point is scored they are allowed to go throw in. They start the game by tipping off and their purpose is to be there in case the ball rolls to the middle of the court and they fight to get it back to their team members.

3. All players must stay on their donkeys as much as possible and they must be on the donkey to make any points or pass the ball.

4. If the ball is dropped the players are allowed to get off the donkey to attempt to go get the ball… There is just one catch, you must bring the donkey with you. 

5. You are not allowed to steal the ball unless you are on the donkey, which can prove to be very difficult.

6. The most important rule. You MUST wear your helmet.

The referee is the owner of the donkeys and moves them around the court by using a stick.  The donkeys have little rubber boots that keep their feet from destroying the gym floor.

If you ever get a chance to experience the spectacle of donkey basketball, I would say it’s well worth it and a bundle of laughs. I highly recommend it!

4 thoughts on “Donkey Basketball, It is Real!”

  1. Where do you get the donkeys boots from? I have 2 donkeys that slip when going down a steep hill, they’d be perfect! Thanks

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