Little Lambs!

We all just have to admit, there is nothing cuter than a lamb, but I wish their mothers would have better timing. Sheep seem to enjoy having lambs in the middle of the night or early morning, they enjoy their privacy. Typically, I would be more than fine with them having their lambs on their own, but when it’s hovering right around zero degrees I get a little worried that their lambs will need a little more TLC to make it through their first hours of life.

On December 20th (the winter solstice and the night of the eclipse) one of my sheep decided to have her lambs. I was up all night waiting for her to have her lambs, but the 2 hour period my husband and I fell asleep… You guessed it, she had her lambs. So at 2am I went out in my robe and slippers to check on the new additions to our little ranch. Buck and Daisy (the twin lambs) were doing just great and were drinking from their mother and were happy despite the temperature. About a week later the second sheep decided to do the same thing as well, so I’m finding out that this is a common trait of sheep…Having babies in the dead of the night when no one is around to bug you.

Now I know why sheep farmers dreaded lambing time. Most large herds of sheep will typically lamb around the same time, so the poor soul who had to watch about 1000 sheep throughout the night to make sure that all was going well during lambing… I’ll stick to my couple sheep for now.

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